The Inter-American Development Bank and ICT4Edu


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I loooooved the electricity

I loooooved the electricity metaphor. So simple, so powerful. Except that "exploring and creative" use of electricity will, uh, kill. Without pushing the metaphor too far, while we might not need to know everything that electricity can do, we should at least take a good look at where it can go wrong, especially on inexpert, childish hands. Same with letting kids lose in the Internet with no supervision or no empowered teachers.

Hmm, I thought that Edison was pushing for AC, against Westinghouse going for DC. And he would routinely have thousands of volts of AC go through him to demonstrate it was "safe". Turned out I was wrong, see here,

Posted by Yamaplos (not verified) on Fri, 09/18/2009 - 15:23

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