One to One Computing costs

Calculating the Total Cost of Operation for 1:1 computing projects

I have been privileged to work with Roxanna Bassi on her most recent tool for GeSCI (Global e-School and Communities Initiative, to create some financial guidance towards Ministry officials considering a 1:1 computing education project, such as the One Laptop Per Child concept.

Roxana is an Information Systems Engineer that has worked in ICT for development for 20 years. She currently advises Ministries of Education on ICT4E issues as ICT Specialist for GeSCI.

GeSCI provides strategic advice to Ministries of Education in developing countries on the effective use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for education and communities of learning. Adopting a demand driven, collaborative and comprehensive approach, we aim to improve the quality of teaching and learning through the strategic and effective use of ICTs, thereby transforming education, empowering communities and promoting development.

The TCO Manual and Tool

Deploying 1:1 educational models in large scale: a practical budgeting tool based on TCO
This manual complements the TCO worksheet and guides the creation of a TCO estimation based on local costs
Spreadsheet TCO Calculator
Combine with the manual above, this tool outlines budgetary information for 1:1 computing project for education