May 2011

Celebrating World Press Freedom Day #wpfd with a linkdump

May 3 is World Press Freedom Day. To celebrate my ability to post things I find inspiring to the Internet (where as many as 10 people other than my mother might read it (Hi Mom - happy mother's day in advance!)), here is a collection of tangentially related links on freedom, privacy, and the role of ICT in press freedom and citizen voice.

Does Facebook have int'l development impact?… (What about SMS?… )

Freedom of the press in India:

Finally, someone is building an SMS listserv:

How governments censor:

Getting around government censorship:

Nearly half of NYT reports have sourced WikiLeaks so far in 2011:…

The US government doesn't think it needs a warrant to search electronic communications:…

Live from Uganda -- political unrest, strikes, and an attempt to block Facebook and Twitter traffic:… , One ISP stands its ground:!/MTNUGANDACARE/status/58844526369976320