Panels to support for an amazing SXSW 2012

It's not to early to start making sure that your SXSW 2012 experience is fully awesome. How you ask? Why, by voting for awesome panels to attend.

To start off with some absolutely shameless self-promotion, I will be presenting with the my colleagues at Ashoka Changemakers on "Open Growth" and systems change. Create an account and vote for us here: .

Changemakers has a blog post on all our panels.

Some more panels worth voting for:

Care about there actually being some interesting tech talks at SXSW? Vote for Brandon Wiley's panel here: on launching your startup completely in the cloud.

Want to talk pirates and innovation? This might be your ticket:

Is the state of journalism getting you down? Check these out: and

Is it just your content strategy? Hear some real content horror stories:

Just unhappy in general? Work with happiness to make your business better: