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Maddening Development Madlibs

There is a set of tropes, if you will, in startup social-enterprise projects. You can almost imagine them as a set of madlibs to be filled out and magically transformed into a development project. While I'm getting tired of hearing these tropes rolled out as innovative new business models, clearly others have not yet gotten so worn out by them. I'd like to fix that, with this one-size-fits all madlib-style business plan builder. Let's play! fill this list out: 1 Office or commercial space/building: ___________ 2 Consumer good: ___________ 3 Vulnerable population: ___________ 4 Affluent neighborhood 5 Clothing item 6 Country where rich people live: 7 Your favorite MDG: ___________ 8 Type of professional: ___________ 9 "third world" country: ___________ 10 Number between 1 and 10: ___________ Done? Great! Too lazy? I've automated the process for you. Let's review your business plan...

On Piracy, Business Models, and Game of Thrones

Over at FastCompany, Robert Levine writes that pirating Game of Thrones is a direct attack on this emerging genre of actually good TV shows, and those of us who would pirate it are simply being un-supportive of this business model:

The idea that HBO’s exclusivity amounts to an outrage seems silly, since it essentially amounts to commerce: If you want it, you have to pay for it. Obviously, HBO sets its own terms--it sells content by the month, not the episode--but so does every other company, in some way. Beer isn’t sold in five-packs. And, of course, Thrones is available on iTunes a year after it airs. (I waited to buy it and I’ve managed to lead a fulfilling life.)

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