Look. I'm going on vacation tomorrow. I have promised myself to keep my stress levels down, so this is as much as you'll hear from me about SOPA - those in favor of being able to randomly block any site have thus far not shown anything beyond a mindless, selfish, shortsighted and childish desire to make the Internet bend to their will. The Internet works because it bends to no one private interest, and serves us all.

They're not even letting opposing viewpoints testify at the Congressional hearing:…. If this is how they think Democracy should work, I'd hate to see how they want to re-create the Internet.


FBI ignores DoJ report, raids activists, arrests Time Person of the Year

""There is a feline quality to standing in Indian lines. Certain parts of the man behind you—you don't know which—brush against you in a kind of public square spooning, the better to repel cutters. (Women do less touching.) Still, this is no deterrent to cutters. They hover near the line's middle, holding papers, looking lost in a practiced way, then slip in somewhere close to the front. When confronted, their refrain is predictable: 'Oh, I didn't see the line." // Snip from a New York Times story on the sociology of waiting in lines, and what the prevailing etiquette tells us about a given culture's place in global economic evolution."