Thanks to the great, community-focused CACert , plus DreamHost supporting SSL on virtualhosts (which is a boring technical detail, but oh so exciting), I now have SSL working for - Most of the site should be 100% SSL, with a few included images here and there still being on non-ssl sites.

Let me take this opportunity to re-post my PGP key ID of 2824 391e b10d 0440 for my personal account, and a998 959f f926 bf8b for my professional email.

For OTR-enabled chat, my fingerprint is FE0E870C 40A3B334 5E6E84F0 D013369F 3C064E4C (for most of my devices now, thanks to KeySync!)

Still reading? Maybe you should install EFF's excellent HTTPS Everywhere addon, or read more about HTTPS